What Is A.A. Waterbury?

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According to a recent study, over 21 percent of Connecticut adults are heavy drinkers, one of the highest rates in America. For this survey, heavy drinkers were individuals who had consumed 5 or more drinks in a single sitting within the previous month.

Connecticut also leads the nation in youth alcohol use, with rates as high as 18 percent for children aged 12-17. Odds are, you know someone who has a problem.

The Alcoholics Anonymous and Treatment Center of Waterbury exists to provide treatment, group meetings, and other resources to residents of Waterbury and the surrounding area. If you think you may be an alcoholic, or if you suspect your teen may have a problem, we encourage you to call our office or pay us a visit in person.

Our A.A. meetings are open to anyone with a desire to quit drinking. There are no other membership requirements, and all donations are voluntary. Some of our meetings are open to family members, while others are closed meetings, for alcoholics only.

If you have a family member who would like to attend with you, please call ahead or check our events page for the next open meeting.