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A.A. does not diagnose any condition. Because alcoholism is different for all people, we believe that the only person who can decide whether you’re an alcoholic is you. However, we do exist to share our stories and help those who are suffering from alcoholism.

Below are some questions that alcoholics have asked ourselves. When we found ourselves saying yes, we knew that we had a problem. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, but believe you don’t have a problem or can manage things on your own, we ask only that you keep an open mind regarding our program, and remember that we are here to help anyone who wants to quit drinking.

Common Signs Of Alcoholism

•    Have I tried to quit drinking for a week or more, and failed?

•    Do I drink alone, or do I go to another room to drink to hide my alcohol from others?

•    Have friends or family expressed concern about my drinking? Do I feel like they should mind their own business?

•    Have I made poor decisions under the influence of alcohol, such as drinking and driving or taking unnecessary risks while under the influence?

•    Within the past year, have I needed a drink in the morning as a pick-me-up? Have I used the “hair of the dog” method to deal with a hangover?

•    Have I called out of work or missed class due to being drunk or having a hangover?

•    Have I tried various strategies, such as setting a limit on drinks, drinking weaker beverages, or switching between drinks, only to find myself getting drunk anyway?

•    Do I usually get drunker than other people at parties? Do I envy my friends who can drink socially without doing anything embarrassing or getting themselves into trouble?

•    Have I had other health problems due to drinking? Has my doctor advised me to quit drinking or drink less alcohol?

•    Do I bring extra alcohol to parties, or feel the need to “pregame” by drinking beforehand?

•    Has drinking caused me to have trouble at home? Have I gotten in fights or arguments with my partner, parents, children or friends while I was drunk?

•    Do I drink to the point of blacking out? Do I ever wake up after drinking and wonder where I am or what I said the night before?

•    Do I think my life would be better if I could stop getting drunk?

•    Do I think I may have a problem with alcohol?