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Alcoholics Anonymous hosts two types of meetings: open meetings and closed meetings. Open meetings are open to the public, including friends and family members of our group.

During these meetings, all will have the opportunity to share their experiences. For those who are not struggling with alcoholism, we only ask that they respect that the purpose of our fellowship is to maintain sobriety.

Closed meetings are open only to individuals with a desire to quit drinking. There are no other membership requirements, and we do not charge dues or fees. We do accept voluntary donations, which go to cover the cost of refreshments and to keep a roof over our heads. During closed meetings, alcoholics are encouraged to share their experiences in a safe, judgment-free environment. We believe that by learning from each other, we become stronger.

A.A. follows the 12-Step Program, which you can read more about here. The core of our program is admitting that we are helpless to control our alcoholism, relying on a higher power for assistance, making amends to other people for ways we may have wronged them, and reaching out to other alcoholics who are still suffering.

A.A. works because we don’t focus only on the negatives. We focus on building, positive, fulfilling, sober lives.

Many people are concerned that A.A. requires belief in a higher power. While A.A. does require belief in a higher power, that power does not need to be supernatural. It can be love, the human spirit, science, or even the A.A. community.

A.A. does not endorse any religion, sect, political organization, or public policy. We are welcome to all regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or political belief. Our sole purpose is to maintain sobriety and to carry the message of sobriety to others.