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Our meetings are open to anyone with a desire to quit drinking.

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Other resources to residents of Waterbury and environs.

What You Need to Know About Our A.A Groups

Our A.A. groups have a sponsorship program for new members, where they are paired with more experienced members who can help them learn the basics.

Failure will never overtake me if the determination to succeed is strong enough.
Kerry Joe.   CEO of WC Link
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We may encounter many defeats but we
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How To Cut Down Your Drinking Today

Do you feel like lately you’ve been drinking too much and aren’t able to stop? Has someone you cared about recently also said something similar? If you and your loved ones are noticing that you are drinking too much, then you might have an alcohol problem. It can be hard to admit you have an […]

How A Habit Becomes An Addiction

Alcohol addiction can begin in many different ways. For many alcoholics, problem drinking started as casual drinking with friends, often during high school or college. This does not mean that everyone who drinks socially is an alcoholic. What happens to alcoholics is that we lose the ability to stop drinking. While a social drinker may […]

Life After Treatment

Sobriety is easy to maintain during treatment. If nothing else, the threat urine tests will be enough for most alcoholics to stay sober for 30, 60 or 90 days. The time immediately after release is when people are at the highest risk of relapse. Meeting old friends, going to familiar places, or encountering everyday life […]